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Euro Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Interview

Adam La Rosa Model Actor Executive Producer

Recently I was invited to be interviewed and featured on European based fashion and lifestyle website and blog page -

The team behind this site also run two different Instagram accounts with impressive followings. @guideofmensstyle boasts an impressive 89,700 followers and @guideofwomensstyle is catching up with 17,500 of its own.

The team have been following my own person Instagram page which is dedicated naturally to my various acting feats, as well as some personal images relating to life, travel and family.

I was then subsequently contacted to see if I would be interested in being interviewed and featured by them on their website and Instagram page as they were impressed with what I do, what I've achieved and the journey I am taking, which they felt was all very relevant and interesting to feature across their various mediums of social media.

The internet is allowing the world to become a much more connected place and if the result of these connections are small and positive affirmations on life and thoughts, then it's most definitely something that everyone can benefit from irrespective of their personal interests, hobbies or passions.

Click here to see and read the short blog style interview, hope you like it! :)

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