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Feature Article In The Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper

Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper Adam La Rosa The Legend Of Ben Hall

They say all publicity is good publicity. Well, the Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper which is local to the municipality where I am from has just run a story on both myself and our amazing film The Legend Of Ben Hall.

The Diamond Valley Leader newspaper has a circulation of over 57,000 homes per week. Given that it is delivered to a municipality which is regarded as being a 'green wedge shire', it's very fitting that a film depicting Australia's colonial past and outback be promoted to residents who choose to live in this shire.

You could not ask for better placement in any newspaper though. The moment you turn the first page there it is, right in your face on Page 3! It's a fantastic little write-up about the film and my involvement in it. Unfortunately, they got a couple of bits of information incorrect; namely, my acting role in the film is a minor role as opposed to a major one and I am one of the Executive Producers, not an Executive Director.

Despite these errors, it doesn't detract from the article or purpose of the story which is to advertise, promote and market this brilliant new Australian film. The photo they chose fits the theme perfectly as well, taken by Rick Idak on location In Forbes, NSW in September of 2014. It was snapped between takes in full costume and is consistent with the theme carried throughout the film.

I was obviously happy to see this in the paper, however admittedly, I was a little nervous and hesitant to inform our talented Director Matthew Holmes about it due to the errors. Once he saw it, he had no issues with it as he understood that these errors are not at all uncommon. He was happy with it and felt it would further boost the profile and awareness of the film... and that, is all we can hope for.

The Legend Of Ben Hall is currently on tour across regional Australian cities before being premiered across Australia in selected cinemas from December 1. To view the trailer, tour dates, cast and crew information and lots of other information relating to the film, go to The Legend Of Ben Hall website.

Close-up of the article below:

Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper Adam La Rosa The Legend Of Ben Hall

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