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Interviewed By Old Paradians Association For The Legend Of Ben Hall

Adam La Rosa Old Paradians Parade College

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I once attended a Catholic Christian Brothers College for my secondary school years. Parade College is a boys college with a long-standing and abundant history dating back to its founding year of 1871. Every year, there are approximately 1,900 students enrolled from years 7 through to year 12.

With a school as rich in history as it does, Parade College has an association specifically dedicated to past students, called the Old Paradians' Association. Formed in 1914, the Association seeks to foster links with all past students, whose formative years were shaped by the Christian Brothers of Parade College.

Many notable individuals within society have their roots traced back to Parade College, in fields as diverse as politics, business, philantrophy, entertainment and even professional sports people.

To my complete surprise, Tony De Bolfo, the CEO of the Old Paradians Association recently made contact with me after coming across the recent article in the Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper. He first wanted to know if I was the same Adam La Rosa that attended Parade College, then when I confirmed that it was me, he then expressed his interest in interviewing me for the Old Paradians' Association website, newsletter and social media.

Given the fond memories I have of attending Parade College as well as the opportunity to further promote The Legend Of Ben Hall film, I humbly accepted his offer for an interview. Several days later we put some time aside to have what was moreso a conversation between two friends rather than a formal interview.

It was a great pleasure and I'm honoured that the Association were interested enough to want to share my story about The Legend Of Ben Hall film as well as some of my background.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed speaking with Tony about it.

Click here to see and read the Old Paradians' Association article.

The Legend Of Ben Hall is currently on tour across Australian cities before being premiered across Australia in selected cinemas from December 1. To view the trailer, tour dates, cast and crew information and lots of other information relating to the film, go to The Legend Of Ben Hall website.

A close up of the headline feature can be seen below:

Adam La Rosa The Legend Of Ben Hall Old Paradians Parade College

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