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Coming To America: Ben Hall Officially Lands in North America

The Legend Of Ben Hall BluRay DVD

Ben Hall is one of the most infamous bushrangers in Australia's colonial history. He ultimately gave his life up for his dream to reach America, and now 152 years after his death, his dream has finally come true.

No doubt had he reached the shores of America in 1865, he would have lived an extremely quiet and isolated life given he was a fugitive on the run, but now the entire USA and Canada will know of his existence.

The Legend Of Ben Hall is an award winning, stellar recreation and accurate depiction of the last 9 months of Ben Hall's life, brought to the big screen after many years of hard work, dedication and persistance by Australian writer, producer and director Matthew Holmes.

Matthew has worked tirelessly and overcome every obstacle and hurdle that the unforgiving Australian film industry has thrown his way to create what will no doubt one day be regarded as an Australian cinematic masterpiece. Vega Baby US, a film finance, production and distribution company with close ties to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment America has boldly taken on distribution rights of the film and are bringing it to the lucrative United States and Canadian market.

With a great history and love of the western genre, The Legend Of Ben Hall should no doubt make its mark in the market and find its audience. Officially released across both countries on August 1st, 2017, it can be purchased throughout Walmart, Best Buy an available for streaming via Video-On-Demand services.

Though my involvement in this film was small (a minor Acting Role and one of the Executive Producers), its nonethless extremely humbling and exciting to be part of an Australian Indie Film that has managed to find its way to shores of arguably the largest and most important film market in the world.

Read more about the background of the film and its Australian premiere and tour here.

To find out more about this must-see film, please visit:

-The Legend Of Ben Hall Website

-The Legend Of Ben Hall Facebook Page

-The Legend Of Ben Hall IMDb page

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