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Sometimes Loyalty Pays

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They say any publicity is good publicity, but let's face it, we'd all prefer if it was positive and had something nice to say or share about us, thankfully, this does!

What a lovely surprise in my email to receive a few days ago from Shaye at AT2, telling me that they’re going to feature me and my online profile in their monthly newsletter which goes out to almost 41,000 people within the acting industry from across the world, including artists and agents - all as a way to thank me for my many years of loyal membership to their service.☺️

What a perfect surprise to finish the working week off, exposure is never a bad thing!

For those who don’t know, AT2 Casting is the first and largest professional online casting system in the southern hemisphere! If you’re not on it, you’re missing out on exposure and more potential work. Thanks Shaye and thanks AT2.✨

Here's my profile on AT2.

There you go, sometimes loyalty does reward!

Happy Friday!

Adam La Rosa Actor Exposure

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