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Executive Producer Announcement Of They Can't Hear You Film

Luke Creely Primitive Films They Can't Hear You

Primitive Films. Despite being a stickler for spelling and grammar, that itself is a sentence and statement. "How so?" I hear you ask. Because if you've not heard of this Melbourne-based film production company, then you will be soon. Primitive Films are a fresh, independent and innovative film production company specialising in creating experiential drama, thriller, horror and psychological films and content with a distinct Australian edge.

Founded by the extraordinarily talented and passionate writer/director Luke Creely (pictured right), as well as the award-winning co-founder/producer Jack Coco (pictured below), Primitive Films are well on their way to greatness thanks to two successful short films on their filmography (PLAYGROUND and JUNCTURE) and a third on the way.

And by successful, I mean no less than 7 awards already won from 13 film festivals where their most recent film JUNCTURE was screened at and entered into around the world. This spectacular short film was produced on a budget of only $1000 - not a misprint.

Jack Coco Primitive Films

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, recently I was approached by the dynamic-duo who felt that there were a lot of synergies between us all. They are currently in pre-production of their third short film, THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU, and felt that I could really assist in certain key areas of the production. So after a very productive meeting, discussion and several emails later, I'm proud to announce that I am officially on-board with Primitive Films as an Executive Producer for their next film THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU.

This is a very exciting opportunity as it marks my now second film that I'll be involved in as an Executive Producer. The first was the wildly successful THE LEGEND OF BEN HALL. It's always a privilege to collaborate with likeminded people and be part of a successful team. If a $1000 micro-budget resulted in 7 international film festival awards, just imagine what Primitive Films could do with a little bit more!

And that is the exact mindset they've adopted for THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU. The screenplay is edgy, it's gripping and it's experiential filmmaking at it's finest. It's a short, intelligent psychological thriller played out in real time. But as anyone in the industry knows, better quality and higher production values come at a price, so what we are seeking is a larger (yet still micro in the scheme of things) budget of $6000.

Sure, the film can be made on less, but the determining factor of it being just another average short film lost in the masses versus a memorable, successful and award-winning film is the budget and the people in control of it. Primitive Films aren't interested in making films that no one will ever see, they'd much rather create content that everyone can see, enjoy and hopefully share.

Film making is a tough business, everyone of us watch and enjoy films but so few of us are prepared to be part of creating them. Films not only provide entertainment and culture, but also stir emotions, provoke thoughts and for those lucky enough to be part of making them, also a legacy that will outlive us all. So just imagine how much of an honour it would be for your name and assistance to be immortalised forever on a film production. After all, that's what credits are for. Credits are the fruit of your labour for your involvement and work, regardless of how great or small your role in a film was. Once printed, it will last forever.

Primitive Films Production Logo.

This said, how would you like to be immortalised by playing a critical part in helping Luke and Jack on their journey to have THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU made and screened at major and renowned film festivals across the world? How great it would be to know that for less than the cost of brunch, you can play a genuinely important role in bringing something amazing to life. You'll be supporting a local industry, local people and for a small period of time, local jobs. Yes, the budget will be used on hiring equipment and talented people.

Sure, you could give your money to a charity, but let's be honest, most charities take a huge cut of your donation for themselves and you don't even so much as give a thank you. We however will publicly thank all those who back this project and even give you gifts, rewards and free stuff! Just like the universe, the more you give, the more you get back - simple as that.

The Indigogo funding campaign will end on Monday November 6th. At the time of publishing this, we've currently raised 24% ($1,425) of the budget and need a serious injection of funds so I'm personally asking for you help, even $10 will make a huge difference. You're not only helping the Australian Film Industry as well as two very passionate and great guys, but you're also helping and supporting me in my efforts to excel, expand and create within this fantastically crazy industry.

Click here to help us and claim your reward.

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Luke Creely Primitive Films  They Can't Hear You Script

We're dying for your help to turn this script into a film!

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