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Sunbury Screening A Stellar Success

Adam La Rosa MC The Legend Of Ben Hall Film Premiere

Today we had a special one-off screening of The Legend of Ben Hall at Reading Cinemas Sunbury in the largest cinema which can accommodate approximately 300 people, we were just shy of this number by about 30 or so. By all accounts, it was a full-house.

Unfortunately our producer AJ Pearce from Running Panda Films wasn’t able to attend so I stepped up to fill in for the MC duties and host the introduction to the film as well as the Q&A afterwards.

Standing beside me is Will Lee, one of the stars who played the character of John Dunn. It was very heartwarming afterwards to hear locals say that they can’t remember the last time this cinema was so full, not even for a Hollywood blockbuster. Equally as refreshing was that I brought a close friend along who is traditionally not into films, yet after it he was so impressed by it and expressed some very positive feedback.

Another local chap approached me and told me he is an avid historical gun collector and that he was exceptionally impressed with the level of detail shown in the film, including the weapons and armoury. He then went on to say that the 2003 Heath Ledger film Ned Kelly was riddled with inaccuracies in regards to the weapons used. It's just amazing to see so many different people responding so positively to this film in all kinds of ways, each taking something meaningful away from it.

This film underpins the very essence of Australian indie film and demonstrates that bigger budgets don’t always mean better films. In fact, the two main points of feedback I most often hear about The Legend Of Ben Hall is firstly, that people are surprised that this is an Australian film because of its extremely high production values and secondly, that it makes people proud to be Australian. You can’t ask for more than that!

To see session times and find out more about this must see film, go to website.

Reading Cinemas Sunbury ticket counter. What a beautiful sight to see.

The Legend Of Ben Hall Cinemas

MC-ing on the left with William Lee on the right.

Adam La Rosa The Legend Of Ben Hall MC

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