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Operation Ares Mission Live & Activated

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Film-making, in any capacity, is a tough process. No matter how precisely your budget is allocated or how detailed and accurate the production call sheets are, there will always, always be some kind of delay either on set, on location or at some stage in the arduous process of post-production.

Almost two years ago on June 28th, 2016, I posted a blog called What Is Audition Success based on the audition I had for this exact short film with little-to-no preparation, just out of surgery and in a completely nonchalant mindset.

Fast-forward to almost 24 months later and after some considerable delays since principle photography, Operation Ares is now released in all of its glory with me playing the role of Special Agent Clark Rogers.

It's a short film with a spectacularly nostalgic 80's style soundtrack, reminiscent of classic films such as Commando, Under Seige or even modern classics such as Stranger Things on Netflix. Plot summary below:

Trinity has one last opportunity to prove she is worthy of being promoted from desk jockey to field agent. With the help of two senior agents, Connor and Clark, she is sent on a recon mission and tasked with the challenge of accessing terrorist, Ken Lee's servers to regain as much intelligence as possible. Will her determination be enough to see her succeed or will she be bested by the former agent turned anarchist.

Despite having mentioned how challenging the film industry is, it is ultimately a rewarding process, as anyone remotely involved in any creative endeavour will attest to. Although everyone involved may not always be on the same page, they all share the same shared objective, which is to get it done - and we did! So here it is.

It's now available to watch, for free on Vimeo or YouTube or just sit back and watch it below.

Feel free to like the Operation Ares Facebook page or the IMDb page for the film.

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