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THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU Begins To Be Heard Across The World

So it's begun. The latest thriller-horror experimental short film from Melbourne-based Primitive Films has just won an 'Official Selection' Award at the prestigious Oniros Film Awards based in Aosta, Italy. So what does this mean? What is "Official Selection?" Well, every month, a jury of filmmakers and industry professionals watch and judge hundreds of submitted films from all across the world. From here, monthly edition award winners automatically qualify for the 'Best Of Year' competition which is a large public event (film festival) which will take place in Aosta (Italy) in August 2019. The winners of their respective categories are subsequently awarded the prestigous honour of Best Film in their category, in addition to receiving a physical award as well as the ability to add this officially recognised Best Film award to the IMDb page of the film. Phew, that was a mouthful.

Oniros Film Awards Official Selection: THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU

So in summary, it means that THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU, at its very first Film Festival that it was submitted to, has already impressed the right people in order to be awarded Official Selection and is well on its way to bigger and better things at the Oniros Film Awards, a huge achievement already for an Australian independent film.

But why am I so excited about this? Well, I'm honoured and proud to be an Executive Producer of this film, so naturally have much at stake here, aside from my professional reputation, including financial and time spent in pre-production meetings, time on set and post-release efforts. But it's not just me, Luke Creely, the extremely visionary and talented director has put his heart and soul into making this film as good as it can be with every last resource we had at our disposal. Not to forget that no great undertaking is ever achieved without a passionate, motivated team and this was no different. From the extremely realistic set design, makeup, cinematography and every other vital department, individual efforts were shaped and fouled together into a tapestry of already award-winning work.

THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU is a short, punchy highly experimental film that is filmed in one complete take. There is no camera trickery, no fancy edits to deceive the audience, just an extremely clever, talented crew and actors who collaboratively executed their tasks to perfection, without failure and in perfect synchronicity to ensure that every element came together to produce a thrilling and chilling real-time film that is bound to keep audiences glued to the screen for its entire duration.

With a Melbourne-based premiere rumoured to be taking place in August 2018, THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU is a highly enjoyable, albeit nightmare-inducing film that you'll want to see. The best part is, that all you'll need is less than 6 minutes of your life to do so! So stay tuned for more, the best is yet to come.

PS. Oh yeah, we just dropped the official movie poster for it as well, check t out below :)

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THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU official movie poster

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