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Actress PiaGrace Moon

Exactly one week ago, I posted a blog about how our brand new short experimental horror-thriller film called THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU just won it's first award at the very first film festival it was entered into (Oniros Film Awards), in Italy of all places.

Well, Italy and Italians are just loving this film right now because yet again, we've just been honoured with ANOTHER award from another Film Festival, the Mediterranean Film Festival, based in the region of Siracusa, on the Island of Sicily.

Our heart-pounding film was awarded with the "Best Project In Progress of 2018" and we couldn't be more honoured and proud of what we achieved. Of course, every filmmaker, cast and crew put their all into their projects and work, but to be officially recognised by industry peers on the other side of the world is a very humbling and rewarding feeling.

In addition to this, Danny Caprio (From the Mediterranean Film Festival), contacted our own lead actress PiaGrace Moon and had an exclusive interview with her about the film and how she came to be in it. PiaGrace was kind enough to mention me in it and I couldn't be happier that I involved her in this production, because she absolutely nailed it!

Also mentioned is our mutual connection in Matthew Holmes with the Australian epic feature film that both PiaGrace and I both worked on, THE LEGEND OF BEN HALL. It's a scarily small industry at times, but such a rewarding and exciting one.

Map Of Italy With Siracusa Shown in Sicily

By sheer chance, my father happens to have been born in the region of Siracusa in Sicily, so not only is it another honour for Primitive Films and all of us to be recognised in this region, but it's a great personal honour that my surname; "La Rosa" finds its way back into the very region where it originated from.

To read the full interview, originally in Italian but also translated into English, please click here to read it.

Thank you again to the Mediterranean Film Festival for your support and feature article as well as the Oniros Film Awards, we love Italy, then again, who doesn't? :)


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