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Primitive Films Drops Its Official Trailer To THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU

THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU Official Film Poster

In a world where attention spans are running at an all time low, we've come up with the perfect solution; a 28 second trailer to capture your attention and generate your interest. Trailers don't necessarily need to be 2 or 3 minutes long, besides, they usually show you snippets of all the best parts only, sometimes resulting in movie trailers actually being more entertaining than the movies they are supposed to be promoting.

Well, fear not.... on second thought, yes, fear, because the new Primitive Films horror-thriller THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU which I'm proud to be an Executive Producer of will do exactly that. It will capture your attention and hold onto it until the very end.

Our new film is made short on purpose. It didn't need to be any longer. It's experimental in that the entire film is shot in one continuous frame, no camera trickery or clever editing to give the illusion of such, rather just a seamless harmony of an extremely dedicated and skillful crew as well as our superbly committed cast.

To get you in the mood and give you just a taste of our film, here is the official trailer to our new film THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU, directed by Luke Creely.


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