• Adam La Rosa

"The Trailer For THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU Is A Short, Sharp Shock" - FilmInk

And our new short film is the gift that just keeps on giving. First it was the Oniros Film Awards in Italy, the the Mediterranean Film Festival, then the Augusta Film Festival and recently Cinema Australia. Now FilmInk is onboard and have just interviewed our director Luke Creely.

FilmInk is Australia's leading and most trusted source when it comes to all things movies and the screen industry, with a foundation and special focus on the Australian Film Industry.

As their website states, "If it's in production, we know about it. If they're starring in it, we're talking to them. If they're filming it, we have the lowdown on what went down on set. If it's coming to a screen near you, we've seen it."

This all certainly rings true with our latest film THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU. Given a copy of our official trailer, FilmInk said "The trailer for THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU is a short, sharp shock." Given the genre of film we've made (horror-thriller), that is absolutely music to our ears and a fantastic endorsement by one of the leading sources of news in the Australian film industry.

It was also a nice surprise to see my name mentioned as the EP, so thanks for a great short little write-up and support of our film FilmInk.

Now, enough from me, click here to read their article and interview of the talented Primitive Films director Luke Creely.

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