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THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU Director Luke Creely Interview By Italian Film Festival

THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU Director Luke Creely

Well, I'm not sure if it's my surname working tricks on my fellow Italians in Italy or not, but Italy is absolutely loving our latest short horror-thriller film THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU. If anything, it's most likely due to the talented Director Luke Creely, from Melbourne-based production house Primitive Films and his unmissable work in this frightful and immersive short film.

In addition to out recent Official Selection at the Oniros Film Awards (also in Italy), the Mediterranean Film Festival has been extremely supportive of us and our latest work. Their latest demonstration of this comes from the interview they had with Luke about his background, this film and what the future holds.

It was also very surprising to see some very humbling comments made about me from Luke. Why about me? Well, because I was an Executive Producer on this film and am equally as excited about what we've created on screen as Luke is.

The interview has some minor errors, keep in mind that it is a direct translation from an interviewer in a predominantly non-English speaking country after all, so they did a great job if you ask me.

Either way, we are extremely grateful for their support of us and our latest project.

If you've not seen the official trailer to THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU yet, then check it out here:

To read the lovely interview of director Luke Creely from Danny Caprio over in Italy, you can do so here:

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