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Nightmare: America's Biggest Horror News Site Takes Notice Nightmare Article Editorial News is without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest and best horror genre film website regarding all things horror, paranormal, cult films, fantasy and extreme action.

Established in 2008, HorrorNews.Net ranks #1 on all major search engines for "horror news" and is comprised of over 60 writers who contribute various aspects to the site. features daily news, film announcements, film and book reviews, interviews, live podcast shows and a collective of original exclusive articles covering all aspects of the horror industry.

Given the size, cultural importance and reach of, you can imagine my complete surprise when I awoke yesterday to see that I was tagged and mentioned in a new editorial interview and article on the site regarding my involvement in a new US feature film horror production currently in development.

The article is titled "NIGHTMARE - Subconscious Awakenings From Dreams To Scream Queens" and briefly gives some information about this in-development feature that's going to be made just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

The screenplay is written by talented American Diablo Vilhelm who is also tipped to Produce and Direct it as well. Myself aside, the principle cast is made up of an extremely talented bunch, including Jamie Bernadette, Cortney Palm, Sarah Nicklin, Angelo Reyes and Brooke Lewis.

With a cast from multiple countries and a genre that crosses borders across the world, this project is definitely one to keep an eye on. If you're interested in collaborating with Writer/Producer/Director Diablo Vilhelm, investing, or simply being part of the journey, you can email Diablo directly here.

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