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'Best Thriller' Award Confirmed At Mediterranean Film Festival

Best Thriller winner - Mediterranean Film Festival

And just like that, as our film festival journey with the new short horror-thriller film THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU goes about its business raking up official selections and nominations here and there, we can now proudly say that we've won our first official award for it.

The location was in Sicily at the Mediterranean Film Festival, where our film was recently nominated for both BEST THRILLER as well as BEST ACTRESS (for PiaGrace Moon's portrayal of Skye).

The official screening took place less than 24 hours ago and we have officially won the award for BEST THRILLER 2018. Unfortunately PiaGrace wasn't victorious in her nomination field, but in no way does that detract from her extremely powerful, raw and gripping performance.

We are absolutely 'thrilled' to have won this award as its a reflection of not only the Director Luke Creely (from Primitive Films), but the entire cast and crew who worked so passionately on set to make this film what it is.

If you're not sure what THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU is about, then I'll tell you. It's about:

A young woman who is held captive, bound, and given an ultimatum by her captor - find a way to escape in only a few minutes, or be killed.

We'd like to thank the team at the Mediterranean Film Festival as well as the selectors and judging panel for their unwavering support of our film, which has found more than a few fans recently in Italy, along with the Oniros Film Awards (Aosta, Italy), where our film also received an official selection and was a finalist.

Unfortunately we aren't at liberty to show you the film at the moment as it's still on the film festival circuit, but we can show you the trailer below:

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