• Adam La Rosa

The Salt Lake Of The Mind

Inspired by true events and shot in some of this country's most beautiful exterior locations, SALT LAKE is a surreal and abstract psychological horror film about the 'experience' of MENTAL ILLNESS.

Salt Lake Film

Through this film, we want to start a public conversation about mental illness and promote empathy and understanding for those who suffer but can't find a way to articulate that suffering.

SALT LAKE, by Primitive Films is the upcoming short film I am proud to be an Executive Producer for. Not only is it my second film collaboration with talented and passionate director Luke Creely, but more so, this is an important film that covers the once taboo topic of mental health and more specifically, the still taboo psychosis.

Thanks to the amazing work of people like Osher Günsberg and organisations like Black Dog Institute, openness to the discussion is slowly taking place and understanding and assistance will be the natural course and result of this path.

Cinema is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story, create understanding and initiate a conversation, so we are hoping that this film (currently in pre-production) will be a fantastic and powerful catalyst for that.

If you are interested in supporting this important project, please either reach out to me, to Luke or to Primitive Films.

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