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THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU Officially Released

On Sunday morning, on the 26th day of May, 2019, at exactly 9:00am, THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU was made publicly available to watch for free for the first time since principle photography was completed on March 10th 2018.

Although horror is not my preferred genre, collaborating with truly professional and passionate filmmakers such as Luke Creely (pictured) is as rewarding an experience as being on set was.

Luke Creely - Director - Primitive Films

If you've not heard of Luke Creely by now, then remember his name. He's one of the industries shining lights and is one of the forefront filmmakers of the horror genre in Australia. Luke has devoted 7 years of his life to horror, both in his academic life (completing his PhD on Greg McLean's iconic Wolf Creek) as well as living it as a filmmaker. And just in case you're wondering, it's not that he obsessed with anything macabre or violent in nature, more so, his obsession is exploring the emotion, psyche and human condition that drives individuals to such behaviour.

Given his passion for visceral storytelling, it was an honour to collaborate on this film with him as an Executive Producer. Whilst being on a film set is always exciting, it was an inspiration to be on set and witness some true professionals in action working on their craft. Whether it was production design, make-up and special effects, lighting and even the bone-chilling performances given, particularly by PiaGrace Moon (pictured below) - don't worry, it's just a film, I assure you she's ok!

PiaGrace Moon - Actress - They Can't Hear You

But why did it take us so long to make this film available for everyone to see? Well, film festivals of course. Prior to its release, we wanted to showcase this short horror film at various film festivals around the world, part of the conditions of almost every film festival is that in order to submit a film for official selection and screening, it must not be released or publicly available anywhere. Some festivals even stipulate that it must not have been screened at any other film festival at all. With guidelines like this, it was imperative that we held back on its public release in order to maximise our opportunity for success at the festivals we entered.

After an almost 12 month long film festival run, we are proud to say that we had the film screened and were official selections in Italy, Russia, USA and Australia. Now that the festival run has come to a close, here is a list of achievements and awards that our short, sharp, experimental* film produced (*experimental as the entire film is shot in one- uncut sequence):

BEST SHORT FILM - Sicily International Film Festival

BEST DIRECTOR - Sicily International Film Festival


BEST THRILLER - Meditteranean Film Festival (MedFF)

JURY AWARD for BEST ACTING (PiaGrace Moon) - Meditteranean Film Festival (MedFF)

FINALIST for BEST SHORT FILM - Oniros Film Awards

NOMINATED for BEST SHORT FILM - American Asian Latino Film Festival

NOMINATED for BEST SHORT FILM - Golden Earth Film Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Monster Fest (Two screenings, including a SOLD OUT premiere)

OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Russian International Horror Film Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Augusta Indie Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF)

Just remember, short film often does not afford the adequate time for character development and backstory that you find in full feature length films, so the backstory is yours to imagine. And there you have it, here it is: THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU:

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