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A Surprise Package From Tinseltown

Script Hollywood Feature Film Adam La Rosa

Being an actor based in Australia, we are constantly surrounded by and all too aware of being in the shadow of the beast, the giant, the headquarters that is Holly and the American Film Industry. Only those fortunate enough get to experience first-hand working in the USA on a production or an American production based in Australia - and I do mean fortunate enough because it's well documented and known that even the best training and the best talent often results in little to no success in this industry.

Anyway, so I've been in touch with someone in the USA regarding a screenplay for a new thriller/horror feature film. They wanted me to read it as they're interested in me playing the lead role - amazing right?! Anyway, even more amazing was that when I received this eagerly anticipated script in the post, I looked at the signature and for a moment, was unsure whether to pass out of stand there and scratch my head in confusion.

Quickly realising that passing out would not have proved favourable for my head, I stood there, with baited breath and a confused eyebrow trying to figure out if Bruce Willis himself, the man who saved the day at the Nakatomi Plaza in downtown Los Angeles had actually signed off and sent me this film script!

The verdict is no, it's not from him. But the equally great news is that the script is amazing, virtually production ready and that I'm still wanted for the lead role! OK, all that's needed now is funding and a production team, i.e. everything.

If anyone is interested in getting this to the screen and has industry ties who may be interested, feel free to get in touch with me.

Yippee Ki-Yay

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