New Acting Showreel 2018

April 2, 2018

It’s been a long time coming, but my new acting showreel is complete and live. Due to various factors that have been both within and outside of my control, it's taken a little longer than I had hoped to update my showreel, two years in fact, which isn't ideal, but it's done.


What is a showreel you may ask? Well it’s no different to an artist’s portfolio or body of work, a collection of samples of their work in one neat package, a showcase if you will, of them and their work.


They’re commonplace in the Film & TV industry and require updating ideally annually (not set in stone in my case).


Casting Directors and Producers use these showreels in order to give them an idea of an actors versatility, style, ability and suitability for a role.


You can check it out below. Here’s hoping it helps get me some more work. 🤞🏼💫




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