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May 18, 2018

For many years now, I've been travelling back and forth between Melbourne and Singapore, primarily to visit my brother from another mother who lives there, but also to drop by my most favourite milliner in the world, Bill Cain, from Hat Of Cain.


Bill is a consummate gentleman, spent decades in and around the corporate world but also focusing on his passions, be them travels, whisky and authentic mana hats. It just so happen that I've always had a fascination with hats which long predates my Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson hairstyle, so it was immediately love at first sight when I stumbled across his quaint little store in Singapore with the most bizarre opening hours!


Over the years, Bill knows that every time I'm in town, I'll make every effort I can to drop by and visit him and walk away with another fine handcrafted hat or two.


I've always done my best to support him and his amazing business, not out of obligation but mores desire, largely due to the synergies I feel between who I am as an individual and what Bill and his business represent, which is style, lifestyle, distinction and passion.


Recently Bill and his team decided to interview me to run a feature story across their socials, asking questions about my work in acting, the Australian Film Industry and my blog. It was a humbling surprise and honour that they asked me to do this, so I now share with you the result of this collaboration. If you appreciate authenticity, workmanship, hats, fashion and a rewarding lifestyle, then I'd highly recommend following Hat Of Cain on Instagram and Facebook!


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