Cinema Australia Promotes New Film THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU

July 26, 2018

Cinema Australia is a wonderful online space dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films through independent news, reviews, features and interviews.

They’ve recently interviewed PiaGrace Moon who is the lead actress of the new short horror-thriller film by director Luke Creely called THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU.  


Melbourne based production house Primitive Films has definitely hit the horror-thriller genre mark with their latest film that I’m proud to be an Executive Producer of.


Click here to read the editorial interview with our lead actress. Without platforms such as Cinema Australia, Australian independent filmmakers would have even less platforms to advertise and promote their fantastic content, so we are all extremely grateful for their shared passion and promotion of Australian content, including ours!



Cinema Australia interview: Click here

Cinema Australia website:

Primitive Films website:

Primitive Films Facebook page:

Primitive Films Instagram page: @primitive_films

Adam La Rosa Facebook page:

Adam La Rosa Instagram page: @adam_la_rosa

Turba Group website:


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